– Satine –

The wind begins to shift
A sense of change fills the air
A momentary realization
Of something dire
No longer there

An overwhelming sense of desire
A burning, deep-seeded need

There is a keen sense of knowing –
What once was frozen earth
Holds new promise to be found
As this pining spark ignites –
Long-lost passion
Softens the February ground

As the wind begins to shift
Day transforms into night
The Sun has now set
And Her Majesty, illuminates the sky

An unconscious retrospect
Promotes a fight within
Reminisce, of my True Love
Calms this beast
Beneath my skin

A keen perception
Of bonds between clues
Awaken mirth and diversion
Of what originally had been refused

As the wind continues to shift
Its gentle guidance speaks of the west
To brave the crossing of this river
And lay Satine, to rest.


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